The Icy land known as Qulom has not always been this way. Once it was known as the kingdoms of Summer, a great civilization of shining cities and fertile fields; but centuries ago there was a cataclysm known as the Great Winter. Now, all that civilization lies destroyed under a deep covering of snow and ice. Modern existence is a constant struggle for survival, and few are willing or capable of leading the life of ‘an Adventurer’…

Now having completed it’s third ‘season’, this campaign is set 16 years after our last group of adventurers (known as ‘The White Riders’) defeated a plot to destroy the township of Flintharrow. Unfortunately, they appear to have perished in a great avalanche, although their bodies were never recovered.

Inspired by the deeds of the White Riders, a disparate group of loners and outsiders have been thrown together by the council, to serve the needs of Flintharrow in difficult times.

We game online via skype , using roll20 as our virtual tabletop. .

(Special thanks go to Steve for sorting out our character sheets)

The longest winter

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