Arissa Stowe

damsel in distress, found shivering in silk dress by the Cutter Pass. She claims to be from another land...

Basic Details
Name Arissa Stowe N.P.C.
Class Sorcerer
Favoured : sorcerer
Level 2
Race Human Alignment Neutral Good
Experience 4,6100 (5,000) Hit Points 16
Height 5’4" Weight 100lbs
Age 21 Eyes Blue
Hair Red Skin light pink
Special Abilities
Sorcerous bloodline
Touch of destiny
Bloodline Arcana
Common (trade)
Cantus nobilis
STR 13 +1
DEX 17 +3
CON 16 +3
INT 16 +3
WIS 13 +1
CHA 16 +3
Saving throws
Fortitude +3
Reflex +3
Will +4
Armour Class
Normal 13
Touch 13
Flat footed 10
Name Attack Bonus Damage Handed Critical Range Type Other
Dagger +2 d4+1 1 19-20/x melee slashing
Feats, Class and race abilities
Dodge Combat Feat
Eschew materials Feat
Cantrips Class skill
Weapon finesse Feat
Skill Bonus
Acrobatics +3
Appraise +4 (1)
Bluff +3
Climb +
Diplomacy +4 (1)
Disguise +3
Escape Artist +3
Fly +3
Handle animal +4 (1)
Heal +1
Intimidate +3
Knowledge (Arcana) +4 (1)
Knowledge (History) +4 (1)
Knowledge (Nature) +4 (1)
Knowledge (Planar) +4 (1)
Perception +1
Ride +4 (1)
Sense motive +1
Spellcraft +4 (1)
Stealth +3
Survival +1
Swim +1
Use Magical Device +4 (1)
215 GP
Winter clothing
7 days trail rations
vial of perfume
Black Tallow Candles (3)

‘Lady’ Arissa Stowe is a fairly attractive young human woman, with red hair and blue eyes. She was first seen wearing a silk ballroom dress and jeweled dancing shoes, and claimed that she was dancing with a handsome young viscount at a ball. The musicians had started playing an ancient tune they had recently discovered, and the world around her seemed to vanish in a whirl of colours. Everything went white, and very cold, so she screamed. That scream was heard by the party, who came to her rescue. She had never heard of the land of Qulom, and was disgusted to hear that it was always this cold. She demanded to be returned home at once, which the party had no idea how to do. They gave her warm winter clothes, and she joined them, hoping to find ‘civilisation’, and a way to get home.

Unfortunately, she comes from a land which is solely inhabited by humans, and is fairly zenophobic. As the party at that time only had one full human in it, she stuck to Daveak and thought of him as her protector. She has grown to be slightly more tolerant of the others since, but is still only with them out of necessity. She has taken Daveak’s leaving hard, but as Frank has made it his task to protect her several times now, she is not totally distraught.

She was also raised to believe that magic is evil, as it caused some great catastrophe in the past. All Humans in her land are tested by priests of the purifier, and those who have the taint of magic in their blood are taken away to be ‘cured’. Her family, being of the ‘Nobler’ houses, is proud to be one of the ‘purebloods’; there has been no sign of magic in their line for over 50 generations. As Marellian is a Mage/Cleric she views him with a mixture of distrust and sympathy for his ‘illness’ of magic. Loraella and Rayne she has adopted somewhat as surrogate sisters/serving women/conspiritors.

When threatened by a giant spider, she activated previously unknown sorcerous powers. Although she denies it strenuously, saying that in her land magic is a taint, and that her family have not suffered ‘tainted blood’ for many generations (that’s why they are noble), it is only a matter of time before she is forced to acknowledge her powers exist.

Arissa left the party to join the people of Eldrenne, who have a prophesy regarding her; they think she will be their next queen…

Arissa Stowe

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