Frank Wyvern's-Tooth

Half-Orc barbarian

Basic Details
Name Frank Wyvern’s Tooth Player Steve
Class Barbarian 7
Sorcerer 1
Level 8
Race ½ Orc Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Experience 57,237(51,000) Hit Points 87
Height 5’9" Weight 174 lb
Age 15 Eyes Grey
Hair Black Skin Greyish tinge
Special Abilities
Darkvision (60’) Orc Blood
Damage reduction:1/-
Common (trade)
STR 20 +5
DEX 14 +2
CON 17 +3
INT 12 +1
WIS 14 +2
CHA 11 0
Saving throws
Fortitude +8
Reflex +4
Will +4
Armour Class
Normal 17
Touch 12
Flat footed 15
Name Attack Bonus Damage Handed Critical Range Type Other
Great Axe 1 +12 / +7 d12 + 7 2 x3 melee slashing obsidian inlay
Great Axe 2 +13 / +8 d12 + 7 2 x3 melee slashing masterwork
Great Axe 2 +15 / +10 d12 + 7 + 2d6 2 x3 melee slashing goblin bane
Long bow +9 / +4 d8 2 x3 100’ piercing
Dagger +12 / +7 d4 + 5 1 19-20 x2 melee/10’ piercing
Power Attack
Base Attack (1-4) (5-8)
Attack/Damage/2h -1/+2/+1 -2/+4/+2
Level one
2 (3/d)
Read Magic
Ray of Frost
Disrupt Undead
Arcane Mark
Charm Person
Unerring Weapon
Feats, Class and race abilities
Armour proficiency Barbarian
Fast movement Barbarian
Improved initiative Feat
Intimidating prowess Half-Orc
Orc ferocity Half-Orc
Rage Barbarian
Weapon familiarity Orc
Weapon proficiencies Barbarian
Uncanny Dodge Feat
Improved uncanny dodge Feat
Raging leaper Rage power
Knockback Rage power
Boasting taunt Rage power
Power Attack Feat
Outflank Feat
Skill Bonus
Acrobatics +11 (4)
Appraise +1
Bluff 0
Climb +9 (2)
Craft (Leatherworking) +6 (2)
Diplomacy 0
Disguise 0
Escape Artist +2
Fly +2
Handle Animal +5 (2)
Heal +2
Intimidate +8 (3)
Knowledge (Nature) +7 (3)
Knowledge (Religion) +1
Perception +8 (3)
Ride +7 (2)
Sense motive +3 (1)
Stealth +3 (1)
Survival +14 (7)
Swim +4
Gold : 1,435
Quiver : 20 arrows
Studded leather armour +2
Ring of warmth
Ring of resistance
Great axe
Long bow
Flask of holy water
4 day’s trail rations
Sack (with darkmantle corpse)
Flint and steel
Wyvern’s tooth necklace
Large Leather Belt
Wand of Detect Magic
Old Razor
Dust of Dryness
pot of blue woad dye
silver nose ring
Empty sacks (4)
vial of anti-toxin
Black tallow candle
Horn of the Tempest

Frank comes from a minor clan of Flint-Harrow’s ½ Orcs. The founder of the clan gained his name and title from single-handedly defeating a wyvern in the area known as the Buried Peaks. As reward for this great deed, he gained a wife from one of the major clans, and the right to hold title as a clan of his own. Since then, the ‘Wyvern’s Tooth’ clan have been fairly inconspicuous. Their numbers are small, because fathers need to have wyvern teeth available to give to sons. Needless to say, many have died seeking their Wyvern.
Frank doesn’t know why his sire decided to call him such a strange (for one of his kind) name, and the old ½ Orc will not tell him. Needless to say, he was teased for it by the other children of the clans, and is quite touchy about it. Apart from his name, Frank is one of the most ‘Orc-like’ around. His savagery in combat and his berserker rage has won him a few admirers from his peer group.

5th November 2010
Frank discovers the source of his Orc-unique first name

26th October 2014
frank discovers a history of his family and it’s curse

Frank Wyvern's-Tooth

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