Shiny Stone Necklace

A Necklace made from shiny stones


The User of this necklace leaves no trace, and cannot be tracked by mundane means (magical tracking still works however). Furthermore, the necklace masks the wearer’s scent, so that they are unable to be traced by scent, and can approach wild animals with less risk of spooking them.


This necklace was one of many made long ago for Druid apprentices belonging to a circle of Druids that no longer exist, so that they could get closer to the animals without spooking them. As an apprentice gained experience, they would remove the necklace, as it was no longer needed. Other Circles of Druids maintain that these necklaces were a crutch to favour weaker apprentices, and will not use them. A few necklaces have survived during the centuries since the Circle’s destruction.

Shiny Stone Necklace

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