clothes of the corpse

The party found a dead body while on their way to the peat cutter’s camp. it was wearing the following:

  • long brown cloak
  • grey woolen mittens
  • leather jerkin
  • brown leather trousers
  • brown boots

They took the clothes, in order to find someone who could identify the body from what it was wearing.

Some time later, Rayne found a woman in the Townsend Soup Kitchen who was searching for news of hir missing husband. She described the clothes he was wearing, and Rayne realised they matched these clothes. Marellian took the clothes to her, and she was able to identify them as belonging to her husband, a charcoal burner named Pinner. She asked the party to find out why he would have been in the Shelter Wood, as everybody knows that the spirit of the wood hates those who would burn trees.

clothes of the corpse

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