The order of the Flameguard can be traced back to the land of Arcavey, in the lands before Winter. These men and women were the king’s bodyguard and were foremost among the armies of the kingdoms of Summer. After the death of the last king, Herebold in the 1st year of the Great Winter, they were led by the mage, Mathias Hend. He founded the great keep which still stands to this day.

It is said that the mages of the Flameguard were originally Dragon-taught, but these days they rely on more mundane magical training. There is a large cadre of mages who teach at Flameguard Keep: they are affiliated with, but not a part of the Cinder path guild

Clerics devoted to the worship of the lost Sun God are still found among the ranks of the Flameguard. In fact, they are part of possibly the only remaining clerical order of this religion.

Arms and armour

The warriors and mages of the Keep are easily recognised in their distinctive red and yellow uniform. The sigil and flag of the Flameguard is a yellow sunburst on a red background. The weapon of choice for Flameguard warriors is the long sword, with a small group trained in two handed sword. Mages are also trained in the use of long sword but do not carry shields or wear armour. Warriors predominantly wear Chainmail over their uniform.


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