Flint-Harrow council

The ruling body of the Township of Flint-Harrow is a council of members elected from within the several guilds that control the activities of the Township. There are several layers of government within the council, from the ward councils (each responsible for a section of the Township) up to the controlling council (made of members from the various wards, along with several heads of council commities).

In the Low Quarter (where the characters are based), there is a ward council, made up primarily from the prospectors and merchants Guilds. The members of this ward are concerned more with the finding of new resources and trade than they are concerned about politics. This makes for a more open and co-operative body than may be found elsewhere in the Township.

Council members:

  • Head councillor Ore
  • Councillor Blaize (Jewellers guild)
  • Councillor Cynd (Fishermen’s guild)
  • Councillor Jerris (Archivist’s guild)
  • Councillor Kinkaid (chief scribe) (illuminators guild)
  • Councillor Manos (Prospectors guild)
  • Councillor Parathion (Cinder path guild)
  • Councillor Whern (Merchants guild)

Flint-Harrow council

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