“A strange thing , Man . If left to themselves , they fall on each other .”
Luethillar the Vacant , Valoon mystic

In the service of the Goddess of winter , none are more feared than her devoted human followers , the Frosterlings . Little is known of these strange folk , save that they are the remnant of those deluded men and women who fell sway to the preaching of the polymorphed Valoon priests before the great winter.

After the 1st year of the great winter , those who openly followed the Goddess of the Ice were purged from the surviving human refuges . This reduced their power base somewhat amongst humanity , but there were always those who plotted with the Ice in secret , and many fledgling Townships were betrayed from within before they could manage to actively defend against the Winter .

Those Frosterlings who had escaped the purge , or who had already forsaken the lands of men , gathered to receive the will of their Goddess . They were led by the priests of winter to a place now known as Frost Finger . Here they raised a temple to the Ice . At it’s heart was an altar made from a piece of Para-elemental ice from the home plane of the goddess of winter . Creatures sacrificed on this altar were absorbed by the plane , and from this arcane ritual came forth the evil beasts known as Ice-born creatures ; Perverted twisting of nature’s creatures born to serve the ice , and with a ravenous hunger for all living flesh . These creatures were capable of spawning , and multiplied across the tundra , leaving chaos and destruction in their wake .

Of the Frosterling priesthood , nothing was heard for several years , during which time several new Townships were successfully created in lands close to Frost Finger . The closest of these , Mistmere , was unaware of their evil neighbours , until in the year 152AW, when a group of traders were stopped leaving town , and their cargo searched . Several children had been reported missing , and they were found in the cargo of these ‘Traders’. The Frosterlings had re-appeared . From then on , the Townships had to be ever vigilant against their evil schemes….


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