Jodrel's Tale

Jodrel the sailor was plucked from the wreckage of a ship by the party. He told them this story:

“We were the ‘Chore chaser’, out of Scarre, and we were returning from a trading trip in Rive. About two days ago, we stopped to pick up a man who was standing on the shoreline, trying to get our attention. This man said he wanted to go west as far as we could. Captain told him we were headed home to Scarre, and anyways, nobody goes west of trade town on account of the Sea-born . He asked if there were any ships in Scarre that might go west, and the Captain said maybe, we’d not know ‘till we got there like. So he asked to come with us ‘till home, and paid the captain a handful of gold. Well, it were where we were goin’ anyhow, so we let him aboard.”

“winds were fair, and we were zinging along, when the lookout shouts out in amazement; big school of dolphins ahead. As we got closer, was clear they weren’t no dolphins; were far too big. Captain goes all white faced and mutters summat about dogs. Then they hit us. Was like they were in some kind of frenzy. They were even trying to jump out of the water to get onto the ship! Next thing you know, they’ve bitten holes in the hull, and we’re taking on water real bad. The more we’re sinkin, the crazier the beasts become, until the ship breaks up. I clung to a piece of the hull as she went under, and drifted away a bit from the main shell.”

“Next thing you know, The water starts churning, and a voice, deeper than any you’ve heard, say; “I will not allow you passage on my waters, child of despair, for what you carry along behind you. But this much I will give you!” and a giant hand, made of water, shoots up into the air. Out of the hand flies this creature. It had wings but looked like the pictures my old Nan showed me ,of ‘horses’ long ago. Well, this thing flies off west, but there’s me still clinging to a bit of wreckage. Two of those beast started circling, but that deep voice says; “My hounds have your scent now, Jodrell. Best if you return to the land, and never leave it again.” Then the beasts swim off.”

“If you’d be kind enough to help me, I’d like to be put ashore quick as can be. It’s a land-lubber’s life for me from now on. It’s not every day you get spoken to my a god, and he knows my name!”

Jodrel's Tale

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