The longest winter

A short sail

an encounter with Tritons

The Party

Elden Spirefield, Half-Elf fighter (played by Matt)
Frank Wyvernstooth, Half-Orc Barbarian (played by Steve)
Loraella Ironcore, Half-Elf Rogue (played by Leanne)
Marellian Ironcore, Half-Elf Cleric/Wizard (played by Dave)
Rayne, Tiefling Rogue/Sorcerer (played by Amanda)

Fuddlemore, Gnome Monk/Sorcerer (N.P.C.)
Algrammar, Human captain of the ‘Merry Rose’ (N.P.C.)

Three days have passed in Skerryport. Marellian has spent most of that time with his nose in a book. Frank and Elden have done the rounds of almost every bar and whore house, while Rayne and Loraella spent their time wisely, repairing their equipment to make sure they are well prepared for the coming trip.

Rayne revisits the Bloodfinder, and returns with disapointing news. She doesn’t share it with the rest of the party, so I will not write it here. Needless to say, she is quite happy to be leaving on the ‘Merry Rose’.

Captain Algrammar is pleased to see them all on time, and casts off. The harbour is clear, and he has paid his mooring fees, so there is nothing to impede them as they sail out of Skerryport. Nobody bothers to look behind as Skerryport slides out of view, as they are all eager to reach the Elves after this long search.

The day goes well, and the boat makes good speed. Captain Algrammar asks if anyone would be able to spell him for a while so he can get some rest, and Frank volunteers. Sadly, Frank has no expereince sailing a boat, and without the party realising it, turns it around the way they came. Luckily, he manages to keep clear of the icebergs known as the ice islands, but shortly afterwards his sterring brings them straight towards the shore! Luckily, members of the party realise this time, and yell at him that he’s sailing the wrong way. Fuddlemore takes the tiller, and sets them back on their original course, but they have lost a lot of time and miles.

At dusk, a storm blows in behind them, pushing the craft along faster and faster. Frank is sitting astride the prow, and spots a slimy green rope that has been attatched around it. Sure that the rope was not there earlier, he goes to investigate, only to find a water elemental that attacks him. At the same time, a group of Tritons make their assault. Two are under the boat, attacking it, while the other two fire missiles at the party.

As Marellian and Loraella fire missiles at the Tritons, elden Rashly jumps into the water to engage with one of the Tritons attacking the boat. Despite the freezing cold water, and the fact that he is out of his element, he is able to hit the Triton. Rayne summons a dolphin to help them, and it bashes at the Triton with it’s nose.

Frank finishes his battle with the water elemental, only to realise there are three more of them pulling on the rope. He cuts the rope, and they whirl off trailing the rope behind them. Captain Algrammar is hit by a Triton’s bolt, and calls for help as he doesn’t have strength enough to keep the tiller on an even keel. Frank runs back , using his strength to aid Algrammar. Loraella manages to kill one of the Tritons, while Elden finishes off the one he is fighting beneath the boat. Taking a deep breath, he swims under the boat to take on the one on the opposite side.

More excellent markmanship from Loraella and Marellian finish off the third Triton, and Elden heroics prevail against the last one. Sadly, it seems that his exertions have been too much for him, as he is unable to swim to the surface, and begins to drown!

Fuddlemore, Holding a rope for Elden to grab hold of, sees that Elden is too tired to surface. He yells for help, and Rayne summons another dolphin, to pick Elden up and deliver him to safety. Coughing and spluttering, he is brought back aboard. Captain Algrammar, Frank and Elden are all healed by Marellian, and the boat limps for shore.

The next morning, the storm has blown itself out. Captain Algrammar examines the damage and suggests that it is too much to repair quickly. The party decide what to do about it….

to be continued…



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