Tiefling Rogue/Sorcerer

Basic Details
Name Rayne Player Amanda
Class Rogue 4 / Sorcerer 2 Level 6
Race Tiefling Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Experience 43,893(35,000) Hit Points 53
Height 5’1" Weight 110 lb
Age 17 Eyes Red cat’s eyes
Hair Blue/Black Skin Pink with red patches
(and a tail)
Special Abilities
Darkness 1/day
Fiendish resistance
Cold(5) Electricity(5) Fire(5)
Darkvision 60’
Bloodline powers Abyssal
Common (trade tongue)
STR 15 +2
DEX 17 +3
CON 16 +3
INT 14 +2
WIS 15 +2
CHA 14 +2
Saving throws
Fortitude +4
Reflex +7
Will +4
Armour Class
Normal 18
Touch 13
Flat footed 15
Name Attack Bonus Damage Handed Critical Range Type Other
Punch Dagger +6 d4 + 2 1 x3 melee piercing
Dagger +6 d4 1 x3 melee
Short Sword +7 d6 + 2 1 x3 melee piercing masterwork
Light Crossbow +7 d8 2 x2 80’ piercing
Death Mask of Wild Hunter +3 30 0 80’ necromancy Touch attack
Abyssal Claws(2) +4 / +4 1d4+2 each 1 x2 melee slashing natural weapons
Level one
Read Magic
Dancing Lights
Disrupt Undead
Ghost Sound
Comprehend Languages
Summon Monster I
Feats, Class and race abilities
Weapon proficiency Rogue
Armour proficiency Rogue
+2 Bluff
+2 Stealth
racial bonus
Fiendish Sorcery
(CHA +2 for spells)
Acrobatic Feat
Evasion Rogue
Trapfinding Rogue
Trap sense +1 Rogue
Sneak attack +2D6 Rogue
Improved Initiative Feat
Minor Magic
Detect Magic
(3X per day)
Rogue Talent
Uncanny Dodge Rogue feat
Eschew Materials feat
Intimidating Prowess feat
Skill Bonus
Acrobatics +10 (2)
Appraise +9 (4)
Bluff +6 (2)
Climb +7 (2)
Diplomacy +8 (3)
Disable Device +8 (3)
Disguise +6 (1)
Escape Artist +8 (2)
Fly +5
Heal +2
Intimidate +9(2)
Knowledge (arcana) +7 (2)
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +6 (1)
Knowledge (Local) +7 (2)
Linguistics +6 (1)
Perception +8 (3)
Perform (Dance) +7 (2)
Ride +3
Sense motive +7 (2)
Sleight of hand +10 (4)
Spellcraft +7 (2)
Stealth +17 (4)
inc +5 from shadow armour
Survival +2
Swim +2
Use Magic Device +9 (4)
Gold : 1,200
Pink pearl worth 80gp
Golden pentant worth 250gp
Gold necklace worth 200gp
Gold Torc worth 500gp
Death Mask of Wild Hunter
Dagger (punching)
Dagger (throwing)
Short sword
Light Crossbow
18 bolts
Thief’s tools
7 days trail rations
Winter blanket
Small steel mirror
Pouch/belt (empty)
Potion of sneaking
Shadowed leather armour +2
Pouch full of Tin coins(100)
Signal whistle

On the day that you were born, your father tried to kill you. Not that anyone would blame him for it; after all, it came as a bit of a shock to look down and see those red cat’s eyes staring up at him, and that little tail twitching. He had no idea that your mother’s family had demon blood; after all, both your mother and grandmother looked as normal as humans could be. To sire such a child as you would ruin his standing , both in the guild and in his social circle.
Luckily for you, your mother was able to save you from his murderous schemes, and took you away. She hid you both in the slums of the lower circle, where people weren’t so picky over where your looks came from. Life was hard, especially after her life of luxury as a rich merchant’s wife, but she did her best by you. After five years, nobody would have looked at her and seen the same woman that was considered one of the finest hostesses those years before.
Then, when you were 10, your world was ripped apart again. Your mother was suddenly gone. They said it was merciful that the disease took her so quick, but to you it was simply unfair. Within a week you were turned out of your dwelling, and found yourself begging for scraps. It was here that a man called Darley found you. Someone like yourself. A Tiefling.
Darley showed you how to use your inherent abilities, and you joined his gang of thieves as they engaged in their profession. By fifteen you were an expert cat burglar and served as a lookout. But thievery is a tough business, and the gang were caught. As a minor, you were taken to a home for young delinquents, and shown the error of your ways (or so they think..)
Now you have been given a role in some new task force the council have put together. You have been told that if you do well, you will be given the luxuries you have always yearned for. Who knows, if you do really well, your father may realise his mistake, and come begging for you to join him and be a family again.

July 20th 2013

Rayne finds out about her bloodline while in Skerryport.


The longest winter tankman37

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