Druidic faiths

There are 3 gods that are worshipped primarily by human druids (other races may worship them, or have their own gods as they wish). Each has a unique view of how nature should be . They are given here along with their true names to avoid muddling them up . Please note that although their true names are given here , characters should not be aware of the true name of the god they serve , and a God’s true name is never used unless you would wish to bring their ire down upon you ! A follower of these gods know them by the name of their ‘aspect’ . As each one has more than one aspect , there may be rivalries between differing worshippers of the same god , without them ever realising .

Acnawl Acnawl is the main god of nature . He is neutral . He is Known as ‘Lord of nature’ , and Restorer of life’ by his followers . Acnawl’s Domains are Air , Animal , Earth , Fire , Plant and water . His favoured weapon is the quarterstaff .

Under his aspect as Lord of nature , he is guardian of the natural world , and is a friend to all who live in harmony with nature . Barbarians , Rangers and unaligned druids worship this aspect of the god . Druids of the Lord of nature mainly wear robes of deep green . They are enemies of the ‘Arctic Druids’ , who wish to see the world cloaked in winter .

Under his aspect as Restorer of life , he is in charge of rebirth and spring . This is particularly difficult to achieve in the lands under the curse of the Great Winter , and his strength is weak here . Druids who follow this aspect are called ‘Restorer Druids’ . They are also enemies of the ‘Arctic Druids’ . Their robes are light green .

There are other aspects of Acnawl , but they are not prevalent in Qulom , and so are not listed here .


Brill is the god of wild places . He is chaotic neutral . He is known as ‘The Huntsman’s Talisman’ and ‘Lord of the Wild’ . Brill’s Domains are Animal , Chaos , Planning and plant . His favoured weapon is the short spear .

Under his aspect as the Hunter’s Talisman , he is sovereign over hunting and trapping . Barbarians and Rangers sometimes worship this aspect of the god . Druids rarely follow this aspect , but those who do are there to maintain the stocks of hunted animals , and will protect any that are over hunted . Their robes are usually earth coloured .

Under his aspect of Lord of the Wild , he is responsible for all those places that are overgrown and unused . He takes particular delight in reclaiming abandoned towns and farmland . Even those places twisted beyond belief by magical spells are loved by him , and new , twisted creatures are welcomed . Druids of this aspect wear reddish-brown robes .


Metricade is the god of Arctic nature . He is Neutral Evil . He is known as ‘Winter’s friend’ and ‘White Nurturer’ . Metricade’s domains are Animal , Cold , Earth , Evil, Nature and Plant . His favoured weapon is a sickle .

His aspect of ‘Winter’s Friend’ is not so much worshipped , as cursed by all those who suffer under the Ice . Any misfortune that befalls them in the arctic landscape is laid at his feet . It is said that the queen of the Ice is not happy at this , seeing it as an affront to her power (which is probably why they all say it) .

His main aspect is ‘White Nurturer’ . he loves the beauty of the arctic landscape , and strives to keep the lands under his dominion under the spell of ice , to preserve the arctic flora and fauna . His Druids are called Arctic Druids , and wear robes of white .

There are, however, Druids who choose not to worship nature gods, but rather nature itself, from the glorious sight of a new bud forcing it’s way through the icy soil, through to the majesty of mountains.There may also be Druids who worship nature spirits. Such is the limitless bounds of nature.

Druidic faiths

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