These beings are created when a large amount of contained wild magic explodes. Any objects and beings in the near vicinity are absorbed by the expanding magic, and transformed into a new, amalgamated being, which is the Chronoid. The newly created Chronoid has any memories of all the beings absorbed by the blast, but none of their emotions.

Physical description:

Chronoids come into being fully grown, standing around 6’3” tall, and powerfully built, with no hair or nails. They are similar in looks to living statues, and may be mistaken as such. They are neither male or female, having no sexual organs. They cannot produce young, nor do they have any urge to procreate. Their skin is usually a pastel shade, and shines as if covered with a glittery substance. They will often clothe themselves, but only to fit in with society’s protocols regarding nudity as remembered in their inherited memories. It is not known how long Chronoids live, but they must consume food and drink to remain active: A Chronoid who runs out of sustenance slows down daily until it turns into a statue-like state.


Chronoids are extremely rare, and usually occur individually. No matter how many beings are absorbed in the blast, only one Chronoid is created. A Chronoid with multiple personality memories will refer to itself as “Us/We”, whereas a single or no personality memory Chronoid usually refers to itself as “This Entity” or “This Being”. They are often seen as aloof and uncaring, but are able to fit in easily with the society of their ‘donor’ memories; even though it may cause discomfort to those who knew the individuals absorbed to have this strange being know so much about them.


A Chronoid has no feelings one way of the other to the other races. It may contain the memories of its Donor regarding other races, but it does not act on any previous prejudice of the donor. As they are extremely rare, other races have usually no previous contact with a Chronoid, and will treat it with awe or suspicion dependant on their behaviour towards the unknown.

Alignment and Religion:

Chronoids seem to be driven by an unexplained need to explore and to find the meaning of existence. They are usually Neutrally aligned, but may also be influenced by the alignment of their donor memories. They do not have a particular sense of faith, but again may find themselves drawn towards the deity that their donor memories followed, or towards a god suited to exploration and travel. It has been suggested by some sages that Chronoids are Time aspected, Due to their racial abilities.


Due to the nature of their creation and memories, Chronoids often become adventurers. Their Inquisitive minds and need to explore makes them ideal for the adventuring life. It has been suggested that those Chronoids who tire of life turn into statues to await the end of time. Their Favoured Class is the Time Thief.


A Chronoid name is usually derived from the names of its absorbed host(s). Being gender neutral, there are no differences between male and female names to a Chronoid, although others might consider it to be male or female if it has a gender specific name.

Chronoid Racial Traits:

+3 Constitution, -2 Charisma: Chronoids are tough, but considered aloof.
Medium: Chronoids are medium creatures, and have no bonuses or penalties due to their size.
Ageless: Chronoids do not age as other races; they are created fully grown and turn into statues when they die. Therefore they do not suffer the effects of aging.
Hardy: Chronoids receive a +2 Racial bonus on saving throws against poison, spells, and spell-like abilities.
Resistant: Chronoids do not feel the effects of temperature as much as other races. They have a resistance of 10 to heat or cold damage.
Stone Skin: The skin of a Chronoid is hardened, giving them a natural armour class of +2
Time Sense: A Chronoid can perceive the flow of time. It watches as everything around it ages. As such, it always knows how much time has passed if it has become unconscious, or has been underground for many days.
Tireless: As long as a Chronoid has consumed food and drink, they are not subject to fatigue. They suffer a 10% penalty for every day they have not eaten or drunk. A Chronoid requires only 4 hours ‘sleep’ to review and absorb its memories of the previous day.
Weapon familiarity: A Chronoid has the memories of its previous existence as a base and may be proficient in any three weapons that its absorbed host memory used. (for example, an Elven longbow and Dwarf War axe if its hosts were Elf and Dwarf is permissible)


A Chronoid begins play fluent in all the languages known by it’s donor memories. A Chronoid with high intelligence does not gain any extra languages, but may use skill ranks to increase it’s number of languages as it increases in levels (up to it’s intelligence bonus).


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